Catskill, NY

Our Mission

The mission of the Village of Catskill Local Development Corporation (CLDC) is to ensure the long term viability of the Village of Catskill by creating opportunities for economic and community development.

The CLDC is intended to facilitate programs and businesses that allow the Village to have empowerment, independence and control over its own future and destiny.

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The best means for completing this mission for the Village of Catskill LDC is with a "holistic approach". Instead of believing that there is one "silver bullet" to make the Village of Catskill viable for renewal/reinvention we recognize and address a minimum of five (5) important areas:
1. Community Development
2. Economic Development
3. Education
4. Preservation/Resource Conservation
5. New Technology Development/Implementation

Utilizing this approach allows integration and sense of balance within the cultural, business and social environments that make up the Village of Catskill's identity.

1. Redefine, reinvent, repackage and market the natural, cultural, educational and
economic aspects of the Village of Catskill.
2. Stimulate economic and community development through preservation, education, recreation, tourism and resource management.
3. Tie communities together by collaborative projects and economic development.
4. Pre-position the Village so that it may identify additional opportunities that may be presented, for both high tech and high impact job creation, as we develop and nourish the cooperative process we are involved in.
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